Monday, March 03, 2003

As noted below my Mongolian soothsayer says the war with Iraq will start on March 18. London bookies, who are taking bets on when the war will start, are giving the odds for the war starting the weekend of March 8-9 at 3 to 2. For the following weekend, March 15-16 the odds are 7 to 4. For the whole story see You Can Bet on It: Playing the Odds on War. The odds on Saddam being dead by June 30th are 3 to 2. If you want to place your own bets go Here or Here. Both of these are sports betting sites so it now appears that war is a sport. I am tempted to say that this whole thing is starting to look like a remake of Apocalypse Now but clearly we are moving into new, uncharted territory here.