Sunday, July 06, 2003

When I got back from Gov-Altai I had 874 messages in my account. All but two were junk mail (thanks, JOR and Zoe; where the heck are you, Big Al?). About half of the 874 concerned penis enlargement schemes. Has someone leaked my medical records? Anyhow, to combat this flood of "Hey you, pindick!" type messages I have now set my junk mail filter to "Exclusive". This means that if you have not already sent me a message at hotmail and I have not saved your address I will not receive any new messages you send to my address. I suggest you use the email address given above.
More photos from Gov-Altai Aimag

Ger where we stayed for one night

12,312 foot Bogd Tsakhir Uul, just southwest of Burkhan Buudai Uul