Saturday, November 29, 2003

For an Iraqi view of Bush's visit see Girl Blog.
Saddam Hussein famously referred to Americans as the "New Mongols" and implied that George Bush was a reincarnation of Hulegu, Chingis Khan's grandson who sacked Baghdad in 1258. Now the man-in-the-street in Iraq seems to have picked up on this idea. Here's a comment from a story in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) about Bush's daredevil Thanksgiving Day visit to Baghdad: "Some Iraqis were unimpressed. 'To hell with Bush,' said Mohammed al-Jubouri. "He is another Mongol in a line of invaders who have destroyed Iraq." This guy better read And Will Chinggisism Flourish, the newly released book by Mongolian scholar Balin Bat-Ochir, which includes a chapter entitled "Chinggisism Is The Ideology Of Taming The Terrorists." "Chinggis" ("or Chingis") is, by the way, the Mongolian spelling of "Genghis".