Thursday, August 28, 2003

Khokh Nuur (Blue Lake), deep in the Khangai Mountains. We camped here for two days. One night three-foot high waves appeared on the lake, even though there was no wind at all. This completely freaked out my horseman and translator, who wanted to leave immediately. They were convinced sinister forces were at work . . .

Bavsai (right), from whom I rented horses and who served as horseman on my trip through the Khangai Mountains, and his mother. (Note to Big Al: notice that Bavsai is wearing traditional Mongolian headwear, and not the ubiquitous baseball cap, although the shades tucked into the brim distract somewhat from the truly traditional look.)
Just returned from a 100 mile horseback trip across the crest of the Khangai Mountains in central Mongolia. Details to follow . .

Searching for a pot of gold in the Khangai Mountains