Wednesday, April 14, 2004

From Sikkim I moved on to New Delhi. My first stop here was the tomb of Humayun, who as you probably recall from your readings in Indian history was the son of Babar, founder of the Moghul Dynasty, and father of the better known Moghul ruler Akbar. Babar’s mother was a lineal descendant of the Mongolian Chingis Khan and his father was a descendant of Tamurlane. Humayun died in 1556 and his tomb was probably built in the 1560s at the instigation of his widow Bega Begum. The temperature here was a marrow melting 102 degrees F. Found some great bookstores and air-conditioned coffee shops around Connaught Circle, but the heat hammers you the moment you step outside. Am heading for cooler climes as soon as I can arrange transportation.

View of Humayun's Tomb

Another view of Humayun's Tomb